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Ayukalp UAP Pharma
Manufacture & Exporter of Ayurvedic & Herbal medicine
Respiratory System
Kafamukta Syrup
Cough is an Irritating symptom of many respiratory disorders due to different etiological factors such as pollution,allergy,bacterialand viral infection
Somlata kalp Syrup
Somlata kalp Syrup is Ayurvedic remedy that help to get rid of all type of asthmatic condition.
Central Nervous System
Normacaps Capsule
Normacaps Capsule is specially formulated to overcome the ill effects of stress and to provide the physical and mental health.
Sobex Capsule
Sobex Capsule is a best Herbal Brain stimulant which improves nerves, brain function and memory. Sobex capsule helps improve memory power and intellect, alleviate probLems associated with morbidity of tridoshas.
Shankhpushpi Syrup
Shankhpushpi Is considered as one of the very Important herbs in Ayurveda. Many contemporary Ayurvedic practitioners and authors believe that Shankhpushpi is a gift of nature. Shankhpushpi syrup has been used as a rejuvenator for brain since ancient times.
Gynecological & Obstetries
Leucaps Capsule
Leucaps Capsule is very effective for all type of abnormal and excessive white and bloody discharge from the genital tract.
Rajocare Capsule
Females have to face so many problems such as irregular menstruation, menstrual disorder, uterine bleeding, primanary amenorrhoea, irregular menstrual cycles, secondary amenorrhea, and white discharge (Leucorrhoea).
Sangini Syrup
Sangini Syrup is a wonderful Ayurvedic preparation for women that is very effective as uterine tonic for menstrual discomforts, including PMS (Premenstrual syndrome). Sangini Syrup helps balance proper flow of menstrual fluids for discharge.
Blood Purifier
Purin Capsule
Purin Capsule provides symptomatic relief but attacks the root cause without any side effects in skin disease.
Raktashodhak Syrup
Raktashodhak Syrup has anti-bacterial anti-fungal properties and promotes skin heaLing.Daily use of Raktashodhak Syrup helps in blood detoxification and to treat skin problems.
Shitala Syrup
Shitala syrup is made of the most powerful herbs for reducing pitta and eliminating toxins In the blood. Shitala syrup is widely used as blood purifier. Shitala syrup Is the pacifier of pitta dosha.